Promila Ghosh

Khulna · Bangladesh

I am a noob programming geek, a lover of freedom and an enthusiast of technology. I am studying Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at North Western University, Bangladesh. I've tried to solve programming problems at Hackkerrank, CodeForces, UVa, LightOJ and Toph. I love to do research works on machine learning and deep learning too. Besides solving the programming problems and research works, I write articles on My blog, Medium and Hackkernoon . At the time of my study break, I try to create different projects which are academic and non academic. I've also participated in different Project Shows, Programming Contests and International Conferences. At my leisure, I try to cook food and reading story books. I love music. I am very keen to do social works.


  • Transcendio
    Oct 2019 - Jan 2020
    I've worked as an intern in Transcendio, Khulna with a wonderful team.
    I've learned the Django and Django Rest API Framework and implemented
    on my projects.

Projects and Contributions

You can see all of my open source projects at Github or Gitlab
  • An attendance system: I've worked in this project at my internship period. I've created an API using Django Rest API Framework and also created app management app with Django.
  • An existing project of the company: I've added search feature on an existing project in which the feature worked on multiple models.
  • Safeguard_api: "Safeguard"-Let's keep our life safe. "Safeguard" is an API that will help people to save them by providing the information about how they can be safe at any previous disaster period, disaster period and post-disaster period. It will also able to give suggestions about first aid to victims.
  • Dimik OJ: I was a beta tester of Dimik OJ. I found out six bugs. It's a matter of gratitude to me to have such a small contribution in Dimik OJ as I've started my programming journey and skill development with the books of Dimik publishers.

Skills and Tools

  • Programming problem solving : using C/C++
  • Web development : Python, Django, MySql, Sqlite
  • API development : Django Rest API Framework
  • Machine learning : Linear Algebra, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP)


  • Intra University Programming Contest 2019: Our team has been got the championship.
  • International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT) 2018: Our publication was accepted in ICCIT 2018. I've presented our research.
  • 2018 ACM ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest: Our team has been qualified for ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest 2018 in online preliminary round.
  • Macroinnovators: IEEE SS12 2018 We’re qualified in primary selection round.
  • Maslab Presents Basic Arduino workshop, 2017: We’ve learned about the basic uses of arduino practically.
  • CSE Fest 2017 (NWU): It's hosted by the CSE department, North Western University , I’ve participated at programming contest and project show.
  • CSE Fest 2017 (KU): It's hosted by the CSE department, Khulna University. I’ve participated in hackathon.

Publications on Data mining

  • M. Raihan 1 , Parichay Kumar Mandal 2 , Muhammad Muinul Islam 3 , Tanvir Hossain 4 , Promila Ghosh 5 , Shakil Ahmed Shaj 6 , Abdullah Anik 7 , Mubtasim Rafid Chowdhury 8 , Saikat Mondal 9 and Arun More 10, Risk Prediction of Ischemic Heart Disease Using Artificial Neural Network,Proceeded in 2019 International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Communication Engineering (ECCE), 7-9 February, 2019, [IEEE Xplore Digital Library]
  • M. Raihan1 , Muhammad Muinul Islam2 , Promila Ghosh3 , Shakil Ahmed Shaj4 , Mubtasim Rafid Chowdhury5 , Saikat Mondal6 and Arun More7, A Comprehensive Analysis on Risk Prediction of Acute Coronary Syndrome using Machine Learning Approaches,Proceeded in 2018 21st International Conference of Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT), 21-23 December, 2018 [IEEE Xplore Digital Library]

Publications on NLP

  • Promila Ghosh ; M. Raihan ; Md. Tanvir Islam ; Md. Ekhlasur Rahaman, Safeguard: A Prototype of An Application Programming Interface to Save the Disaster Affected People,Proceeded in 2019 10th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT), 6-8 July 2019, [IEEE Xplore Digital Library]
  • Education

    North Western University

    January 2017 - December 2020

    Govt. Naziumuddin College

    Higher Secondary Certificate
    GPA 4.40 out of GPA 5.00

    Charmugria Girls' High School

    Secondary School Certificate
    GPA 5.00 out of GPA 5.00

    Volunteering Works

    • Hex Clan: I'm an admin this facebook group. This is formed only for our university. We share resources and encourage our juniors for competitive programming. We arrange regular programming contests and I am one of the problem setters.
    • NWU SCHOLARS: I'm an admin this facebook group of my university. I share different articles, different contests information and try to help others in technology or programming problem related issues.
    • I try to help the people of tech community by shares and discussions. I try to take participation in social works too.